Saturday, May 9, 2015

Nazi Caricatures on Domestic Themes

The newest page provides examples of Nazi caricatures on domestic  themes. Since it was not possible to criticize much about life in the Third Reich, cartoonists naturally focused on enemies beyond Germany’s borders.

A 1943 cartoon claiming that German morale is so strong that the collapse of 1918 will not be repeated.

Cartoons that addressed domestic themes had to reinforce the war effort or go after those the Nazis didn’t like. Complainers and gossipers were standard targets.

Just after Stalingrad, Germans were told that personal comfort was far less important than tanks.

There was never, of course, any criticism of Nazi leaders or policies.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Nazi Caricatures on Stalin and the USSR

I’m adding pages of Nazi caricatures on the USSR and Joseph Stalin.  With the exception of the period between August 1939 and June 1941, the Soviet Union was always a target of Nazi propaganda. The Soviets, in fact, were much worse than the French, British, and Americans, as they were under the rule of an evil competing ideology.

1942: Soviet Offensives Fail

1944: Soviets as Monsters

The perspective changed over time. In the 1930’s, Nazism presented the Soviet Union as a land of mass butchery (for which there was more than adequate evidence).  Once the war began, the Soviets were a threat not only to their own citizenry, but to the entire world.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Julius Streicher Meeting Posters

I’m adding a collection of eight posters advertising meetings addressed by Julius Streicher between 1922 and 1933.  After joining Hitler’s Nazi Party in 1922, Streicher began speaking extensively outside his home city of Nuremberg.

This poster promotes an August 1923 meeting in Vienna.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Nazi Caricatures on U-boats

As part of my current project on caricatures, I am adding a page of Nazi cartoons on submarines.

Churchill and FDR shoveling ships

Sunken ships discuss how they sank

Such cartoons were particularly popular in 1942 and 1943.  After about May 1943 the British and Americans developed increasingly successful measures against German submarines and the theme almost vanished.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Nazi Caricatures on France

I’ll be adding pages on Nazi caricatures on various themes over the next few weeks.  Today I add a page of cartoons about France between 1933 and 1940.  Two examples:

France and Disarmament (1933)

France in Bed with a Black Soldier (1940)

Prior to the war, the basic Nazi theme was that France was building up its armaments, intended for use against Germany.  Once the war began in 1939, a standard theme was that France was claiming to defend European civilization, but was depending on savage Black colonial troops to do so.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Photographs of Julius Streicher

One of the benefits of my web site is that people searching for information on items in their possession sometimes contact me.  Recently, a person whose father had collected some photographs of Julius Streicher in at his country estate in 1945 passed them along. Here’s an example:

I’ve added the pictures to the page on Julius Streicher.  If you think you can identify any of the people in the pictures, drop me an e-mail.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Nazi Caricatures of FDR

Over the next month I will be adding many caricatures taken from Nazi satirical periodicals: Brennessel, Kladderadatsch, Fliegende Blätter, and Lustige Blätter.  Some are taken from my own collection, others from the excellent on-line collections of the University of Heidelberg.

Today I’m adding a page on Franklin D. Roosevelt: A few examples:

A cartoon showing FDR’s Jewish reflection

FDR on the electric chair

They provide interesting examples of Nazi propaganda, and also show how it responded to changing conditions.